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Manufactured 1965 this model is from the first incarnation of Canon's very popular Canonet QL range. The differences in the models numbers refers to the lens maximum aperture f1.7 for QL17, f1.9 for QL19, and f2.5 for this model. This camera is very similar to the QL19, not as slow shutter speeds. Haven't taken any photos with this camera yet!?

Fun with this camera.
It came to me with a sticky shutter, bad light seals, and in need of a general clean see QL19 for details how to fix these.

  Specs from camera instruction manual.
Lens: 45mm f2.5- 16, 5 element in a 4-component composition
Shutter: Copal, 1/15 - 1/500 sec & B
Exposure meter: Highly sensitive CdS exposure meter. powered by mercury battery. (which are unavailable now I use alkaline 1.5v)
EE mechanism: (EE meaning Electronic Eye exposure meter) Fully coupled exposure meter, shutter and aperture. Shutter speed priority system.
Film speed index: ASA 25 - 800.
Viewfinder: Bright viewfinder. Double image superimposing system, coupled rangefinder. Marked finder with parallax error automatically corrected.
Flash Synchronization: X contact.
Self timer: None..
Film Loading: Revolutionary film loading with canon's unique QL device.
Film Winding: Single operation 120 degree winding lever type.
Size: 140mm x 79mm x 31mm (37mm) bracketed number indicates protruding length of lens.
Weight: 720 grams.