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Manufactured 1965, this model is from the first incarnation of Canon's very popular Canonet QL range.
Models are: Canonet 1961,
First generation Canonet QL range 1965 including QL17, QL19, QL25,
Released in 1968 was the Canonet 28 which is not designated QL, (confused yet!?)
Second generation Canonet QL's range 1969 -71 including QL17,QL19, and Canonet 28 (non QL again!!)
Third generation Canonet QL's or as they're labeled G-III 1972 including QL17 GIII, QL19 G-III. Phew!

Everybody still with me well more about this camera.

This is a big camera about the same size as a standard SLR and heavy compared to newer compact rangefinders. Feels very solid in the hand no flimsy plastic stuff here. Shooting wise its a pleasure to use, big finger sized controls and a big bright viewfinder. Photos look great too!

Fun with this camera:
Shutter was stuck!!
Had to clean shutter blades. Easy-ish! Unscrew retaining ring around name plate on lens, remove that plate, slotted sensor ring and a spacer ring underneath (note which way up and how these sit in assembly). Then unscrew lens should be able to grip it well now, shutter blades are accessible underneath. I use lighter fluid
and cotton buds to clean greasy blades but be careful not to splash fluid around you don't want it getting any where it shouldn't, on the bottom lens for instance.Trip the shutter now and again to see how much more cleaning is required, the shutter should snap nicely when clean. Leave for a couple of days to be sure blades are definitely clean before putting everything back together.
Then a general clean and rangefinder glass clean. Removal of top is fairly easy three visible screws and undo rewind crank (put something in the forks to stop it turning then unscrew top) use masking tape to grip the ring around shutter release button and unscrew that. Clean glass with Windex. Don't touch mirror just clean front and rear elements gently! and don't forget to clean glass attached to top.
Light seals around door needed replacing, I removed old ones with tooth picks cotton buds and lots of lighter fluid. Replaced with thin strips of foam rubber sliced from an old mouse pad.

Luna Park Sydney
  Specs from camera instruction manual.
Lens: 45mm f1.9, 5 element in a 4-component composition
Shutter: Copal - SV, 1- 1/500 sec & B
Exposure meter: Highly sensitive CdS exposure meter. powered by mercury battery (which are unavailable now I use alkaline 1.5v
EE mechanism: (EE meaning Electronic Eye exposure meter) Fully coupled exposure meter, shutter and aperture. shutter speed priority system.
Film speed index: ASA 25- 800
Viewfinder: Bright viewfinder. Double image superimposing system, coupled rangefinder. Marked finder with parallax error automatically corrected.
Flash Synchronization: M-X contact switch type.
Self timer built-in
Film Loading: Revolutionary film loading with Canon's unique QL device.
FilmWinding: Single operation 120 degree winding lever type.
Size: 140mm x 79mm x 31mm (35mm) bracketed number indicates protruding length of lens.
Weight: 750 grams