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This model with a fixed accessory shoe was manufactured 1953-55. A nice compact camera with its horizontally folding lens. Manual exposure settings and a distance scale focusing. Similar in use to the Agfa solinette II.

Fun with this camera.
Received with leatherette missing from the front of camera so I replaced it with some off a failed repair/parts camera.

Camera Specs:
Lens: Color Skopar 50mm f3.5 - 16.
Shutter: Synchro Compur. Shutter speeds 1 sec - 1/500 & B
Exposure Control: Manual setting, No Meter.
Film Speed Index:
None required.
Viewfinder: Simple, no guide marks.

Flash Synchronization: PC socket
with M and X switch.
Self-timer: None.
Film Loading: Single slot take-up spool.
Film Winding: Top mounted winding knob.
Size: 109mm x 70mm x 50mm.
Weight: 414 grams.

Mirrored building!