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A nice compact folding lens 35mm camera made by Agfa around 1955. Available in various configurations of lens and shutter depending on price paid.
This camera's exposure control is fully manual with no helping gadgets!
get yourself a hand held exposure meter or use the sunny f22 rule or whatever its called, I usually just guess, can't really go to far wrong with colour negative film and a little common sense!!
The camera is focused by a distance scale on focus ring (in feet), either guess distance, get a separate range finder, or use camera's red guides marks.These are an aperture setting just past f8 and either focused at 10 feet for close- ish shots, or focused at 35 feet to get infinity plus covered. There's also a depth of field scale which helps too.
The shutter can only be fired when the film is wound on and the shutter is cocked by using the small lever just behind the shutter speed setting ring, the release button can only then be pressed down. Its certainly hard work taking a photo with this camera! but oh! isn't it fun?

  Fun with this camera.
Just needed a good clean. I removed top plate and cleaned viewfinder glass and plate etc. A bit tricky to get back together again had to fiddle with spring loaded piece which gives the wind lever that nice clicking noise.
  Camera Specs:
Lens: Agfa Solinar, 5 element, 50mm f3.5 - 22.
Shutter: Pronto SVS, Shutter speeds 1 sec - 1/300 & B.
Exposure Meter: None.
Exposure Control: Manual.
Film Speed Index: Has film reminder on rewind knob.

Plain view, no guide marks.
Flash Synchronization:
PC socket.
M, X settings
Self-timer: Built-in, V setting at flash switch.
Film Loading: Single slot take-up spool.
Film Winding: Top mounted wind knob.
Size: W 130mm x H 85mm x D 43mm (86mm with lens door open)
Weight: 410 grams