The Olympus 35 LC (circa 1967) is good solid full size range finder camera with a sharp and fast f1.7 42 mm lens. It has an easy to use metering system, just press the button at the back/top to turn on the metering and adjust the shutter speed and/or the aperture to align the needle in-between the two marks in the window on the top plate or in the viewfinder. It sounds complicated but simple once you get used to it.

Fun with this camera.
Lots of fun!
Firstly the focusing didn't work, removed the top and cover of range finder section, the angled mirror didn't turn when the focus ring was moved. Under the range finder section there's a pin size rod that comes through the body casing to push on the underside of the angled mirror (to turn it) when the focus ring on the lens is turned, this rod was stuck. I wiped it a few times with lighter fluid to clean it up and that did the trick, then applied a tiny bit of oil to it, fixed.
Next the metering was intermittent seemed like a loose contact somewhere. Under the top at the front of the camera there's a small board with a resistor and a load of wires soldered to it, I found by pressing lightly on a certain section of the board the meter worked fine. Turned out to be just one wire was not contacting properly, just re-soldered it.

Camera Specs.
42 mm f1.7, 7 elements in 5 groups.
Copal X, 1 sec - 1/500 sec & B.
Exposure meter:
CdS exposure meter. Powered by 1.3v mercury battery. (Which are unavailable now I use a silver 1.5v). The camera is set (by changing shutter speed and or aperture) to correct exposure is when needle is centered between two indicators either in viewfinder or on camera top plate.
Film speed index:
ASA 10 - 800.
Bright frame viewfinder with automatic parallax correction, Double image superimposing coupled range finder. Has correct exposure marks at top, align needle between the marks for correct exposure.
Flash Synchronization:
PC socket and hot shoe.
Self timer:
Built in on lens barrel.
Film Loading:
Standard multi-slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single operation 128 degree winding lever type.
W 138 mm x H 81 mm x D 70 mm.
660 grams.

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