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  Specs from camera instruction manual.
Lens: 45mm f1.9, 5 element in a 4-component composition
Shutter: Copal - SV, 1- 1/500 sec & B
Exposure meter: Highly sensitive CdS exposure meter. powered by mercury battery (which are unavailable now I use alkaline 1.5v
EE mechanism: (EE meaning Electronic Eye exposure meter) Fully coupled exposure meter, shutter and aperture. shutter speed priority system.
Film speed index: ASA 25- 800
Viewfinder: Bright viewfinder. Double image superimposing system, coupled rangefinder. Marked finder with parallax error automatically corrected.
Flash Synchronization: M-X contact switch type.
Self timer built-in
Film Loading: Revolutionary film loading with Canon's unique QL device.
FilmWinding: Single operation 120 degree winding lever type.
Size: 140mm x 79mm x 31mm (35mm) bracketed number indicates protruding length of lens.
Weight: 750 grams