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Manufactured in Japan by Konishiroku Co in the mid 1960's, its a large heavy solidly built rangefinder camera. It has a weird Cds meter at left of camera with a hi-lo switch.

Fun with this camera.
A few things to fix here.
irstly, the aperture blades didn't move, removed rear lens elements from inside camera and to clean blades with lighter fluid.
Next, whole lens assembly was loose. Removed top, bottom plate and leatherette from front of camera. Removed screws holding lens assembly to camera, then had to tighten three screws which moved when I wobbled lens and plate they look like they hold a ring onto lens?
And lastly about a week after I put the camera back together the screw holding down the winding lever snapped!! I had to cut a slight dent into broken bit still in screw hole to be able to turn it to get it out, then I simply drilled a hole through top piece and found a screw that fitted and that's now fixed. Waiting to find another camera to get a proper bit from.

Camera Specs:
Lens: 47mm f1.9 - 16. Filter size 49mm
Shutter: Copal SVA, Shutter speeds 1 sec - 1/500 & B
Exposure Meter: Cds meter (at top left of camera) powered by 1.3v PX625 mercury battery.
Exposure Control: Has Hi - Low switch settings for metered shutter priority automatic exposure with manual override.
Film Speed Index:
ASA 10-200
Viewfinder: Double image super-imposing coupled rangefinder
, with auto parallax correction marks. Aperture scale marked at top with metered needle indicator.
Flash Synchronization: PC socket.
X and M switch on lens barrel.
Self-timer: Built-in, lever on left of lens barrel.
Film Loading: Slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding: Single operation 120 degree wind lever.
Size: 140mm W x 90mm H x 75mm D
Weight: 742 grams