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Konica Auto S2 a good camera! Upgraded Auto S, meter was moved to the lens barrel. Has meter needle on top plate (aswell as in the viewfinder) with battery check mark, press the button on the bottom and needle should swing to orange mark. I've got two of these camera's first one the shutter had come undone so the blades were floating around inside! I broke the shutter cocking spring somehow putting it back together again, so taken the wind lever fastening screw for the auto s.

Fun with this camera.
Had to remove top plate and clean very dirty viewfinder that's all.

Camera Specs.
45mm f1.8 Six elements in 4 groups.
Copal SVA,500-1sec + B.
Exposure meter:
CdS meter in lens barrel. Shutter priority auto exposure.
Bright frame with aperture scale and meter needle visible.
Flash Synchronization:
M or X settings, with PC socket.
Self timer:
Lever on lens barrel.
Film Loading:
Multi-slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single stroke wind lever.
L 138mm x H 83mm x W 74mm.
750 grams

Building mirror!