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The Hi Matic G was released in 1974. The body is the same size and feel as the later better equipped Hi Matic 7sII. Its a programmed automatic exposure camera with zone focusing marked by four symbols. Easy to use, just whack it on the red auto and the red group symbol, point and shoot and let the depth of field of the sharp 38mm f/2.8 lens take care of the rest. The viewfinder meter needle shows the paired shutter speed and f/stop the camera has selected.


Fun with this camera.
Just needed light seal replacement.

Camera Specs.
38mm f/2.8, 4 element in 3 group construction. 46mm filter size.
Automatic program, varies continuously from f/2.8 at 1/30 sec through to f/14 at 1/650 sec. With manual settings for flash at 1/25 sec.
Exposure meter:
CdS exposure meter. Powered by 1.3v EPX 675 mercury battery. (Which are unavailable now I use silver 1.5v)
Film speed index:
ASA 25 - 400.
Bright frame type. Marked with parallax correction marks. Has combination of shutter and f number being set and over and underexposure warning indicated on a scale by a needle.
Flash Synchronization:
Hot shoe and PC socket. Using Guide Number settings.
Self timer:
Film Loading:
Standard slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single operation 130 degree winding lever type.
116mm x 71mm x 53mm.
375 grams.

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