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The Zorki-S (the letter S is written C in Cyrillic) was manufactured from 1955 - 58 by KMZ, Krasnogorsk, Russia. A small-ish manual exposure rangefinder camera with a collapsible screw mounted industar-22 lens. It has two viewing windows, one a rangefinder to focus and the other to compose/frame the shot.

Fun with this camera.
Everything seemed OK, but the film didn't wind on. The take-up spool had a rivet missing which connected to the wind drive shaft, I just put a small screw in its place. Caution! have to make sure lens is fully extended and locked in place before shooting, nothing in focus otherwise!

Camera Specs:
Lens: Collapsing Industar 22, 50mm f3.5 - 16.
Shutter: Double curtain in body type. 1/25 sec - 1/500 & B.
Exposure Meter: None.
Exposure Control: Manual.
Film Speed Index: Has film reminder on rewind knob.

One a coupled rangefinder, the second a separate framing guide marks.
Flash Synchronization:
PC socket.
Various sync speed settings, lever around shutter speed dial.
Self-timer: None.
Film Loading: Remove bottom of camera. Drop in film (cut to a thin leader) fed into a single slot removable take-up spool.
Film Winding: Top mounted wind knob.
Size: W 135mm x H 80mm x D 47mm (76mm with lens extended)
Weight: 550 grams

Blue bin!