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Manufactured by KMZ in Krasnogorak Russia from 1956 - 73. This camera has a detachable screw mounted lens (Leica mount LTM). I like this camera its has a bigger viewfinder than the other russian cameras I own, and the lens is sharp.

Fun with this camera.
Just a clean up. But wait there seems to no slow shutter speeds maybe the cameras been modified! oh well I don't usally shot below 1/60th anyway!

Camera Specs:
Lens: Jupiter 8, 50mm f2- 22, filter size is 40.5mm.
Shutter: Shutter speeds 1 sec (not on mine see above) - 1/1000 + B.
Exposure Meter: None. Manual setting only. Shutter/Aperture.
Film Speed Index:
Viewfinder: Double image superimposed coupled rangefinder
.With diopter adjustment.
Flash Synchronization:
PC socket.
Self-timer: Built-in lever, with triggering button just above.
Film Loading: Removable back/bottom (one piece). special trimmed film leader to be fed into removable take up spool, don't lose spool it falls out easily.
Film Winding: Winding knob on top plate.
Size: 145mm (W)x 95mm (H) x 75mm (D)
Weight: 725 grams.

Green car!