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  The Yashica Electro 35 GSN


Fun with this camera.
Everything seems ok but untested as yet?

Camera Specs.
45mm f1.7-f16, 6 elements in 4 component construction. Filter ring size 55mm.
Copal electronic shutter. Aperature priority automatic setting & B.
Exposure meter:
Camera mounted CdS exposure meter which automatically sets the shutter speed. Powered by PX32? 6v battery which is not availiable (Im using a 123 3v and two S76 1.5v batteries for time being!).
Film speed index:
ASA 25 - 1000.
Double image superimposing, coupled rangefinder. Automatic parallax correction marks. Red over and yellow under exposure warning lamps (arrows) in finder.
Flash Synchronization:
Hot shoe.
Self timer:
Yes, on lens barrel.
Film Loading:
Standard multi slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single operation winding lever type.
180mm x 84mm x 73.5mm.
750 grams.

No test photo yet!