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Manufactured 1972 This camera is a similar size to the Ricoh 500G, sharing the same lens shutter combination, only this one is zone focusing, and also it feels a bit flimsier.

Fun with this camera.
Quick clean and light seal replacement. That's it! Untested!

Camera Specs:
Lens: 40mm f2.8 - 16, filter size 46mm
Shutter: Shutter speeds 1/8 - 1/500 & B
Exposure Meter: Cds meter powered by 1.3v mercury battery. (I use an alk battery)
Exposure Control: EE metered shutter priority with manual override.
Film Speed Index:
ASA 25-800
Viewfinder: Double image super-imposing coupled rangefinder
, with parallax correction marks. Aperture scale marked on right side with needle indicator.
Flash Synchronization: Hot shoe and PC socket.

Self-timer: Built-in.
Film Loading: Normal slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding: Single operation fast wind.
Size: W 125mm x H 85mm x D 75mm
Weight: 420 grams