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Released in 1975 the Minolta XD-5 is a shutter (S) or aperture (A) priority automatic or manual (M) exposure camera. With a Seiko vertically running metal shutter. It is the kid brother of the XD-11/XD-7, Minoltas top of the line SLR at the time. The 5 didn't have the 11's, viewfinder blind, safe load signal or the lens aperture/shutter speed indicator in the viewfinder. But its still a pretty good shooter, smaller and lighter than the SRT's, XE-1.

Fun with this camera.
Just needed a good exterior clean and light seal replacement.

Camera Specs.
35mm Single-lens reflex with automatic (either aperture or shutter priority modes) and metered/full-manual exposure control.
Lens Mount:
Minolta SLR bayonet, 54 deg rotating angle; coupling for full-aperture metering and automatic diaphragm control with MD Rokkor lenses (MC also). Shutter priority mode can only be used with MD lenses.
Standard Lenses: ??
MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7.
Seiko vertical-traverse metal blade focal plane type; electronically controlled speeds: 1/1000 to 1 sec & B.
Mechanically controlled settings (no battery required): "O" (1/ 100sec), & "B".

Light Metering:
Full-aperture TTL type.
Film speed index:
ASA 25- 3200.
Matt-Fresnel-field focusing screen with central horizontally oriented split-image focusing spot surrounded by mircoprism band.
LED indicators beside shutter speed scale on manual or aperture priority modes or aperture scale on shutter priority mode. With over/ under warning arrows.
Flash Synchronization:
X synch, PC terminal and hot shoe synchronizes at "X" (1/100 sec) and lower speeds.
Self Timer:
Lever type approx. 10 sec.
Film Loading:
4 slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single operation 130 degree winding lever type.
Advancing-type frame counter resets automatically when camera back opened.
Power: Two 1.5v silver-oxide cells (S-76 or equivalent) power both auto exposure control and shutter's electronically governed operation.

W 135 mm x H 90 mm x W 52 mm.
525 grams without lens.

Detail of roof at Darling Harbour Sydney.
Minolta XD-5 / Tokina RMC 135mm.