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The Kodak Retina (Model 010) one of the long line of retinas built in Germany by Kodak. Its a well made camera, similar to both the agfa solinette/ regent and the vito II. It has a nifty depth of field guide dial on the bottom, very handy.

Fun with this camera.
This camera just needed a good clean, that's all, everything works fine.

Camera Specs.
50mm f3.5, Retina-Xenar
Compur Rapid, Has to be manually cocked via lever behind shutter speed dial.
500-1sec + B.

Exposure meter: None
. Manual setting only.
Plain view, no marks or focusing aid, have to guess distance. (Depth of focus helps here)
Flash Synchronization:
None, No socket or accessory shoe!
Self timer:
Film Loading:
Slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Wind knob with A (for advance) or R (to rewind film) lever.
L 120mm x H 87mm x W 37mm closed or 85mm open.