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Manufactured in 1960's. My very first camera buy from ebay!
Auto exposure only camera with a selenium meter which I don't think is working properly,
sounds like the shutter fires at the same speed whatever the lighting conditions.

Camera Specs:
Lens: 40mm f3.9.
Shutter: Prontor - Lux, Auto exposure.
Exposure Meter: Bertram selenium meter.
Exposure Control: Metered automatic exposure.
Film Speed Index:
ASA 10 - 200
Viewfinder: Bright frame
with parallax correction marks. red under exposure indicator.
Flash Synchronization: PC socket.

Self-timer: No
Film Loading: Normal slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding: rear winding lever.
Size: 127mm (W) x 90mm (H) x 65mm (D)
Weight: 500 grams .