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Manufactured in the Ukraine from 1955-1970. This camera has interchangeable screw mounted lens, known as leica screw (or thread) mount, LTM for short.

Fun with this camera.
No probelms with this camera worked fine straight out of the box.

Camera Specs:
Lens: Industar 26M, 50mm f2.8 - 22, Filter size 40.5mm
Shutter: Shutter speeds 1/30 - 1/500 & B
Exposure Meter: None
Exposure Control: Manual setting, shutter speed/aperture
Film Speed Index:
Has weird Russian reminder numbers and symbols??
Viewfinder: Small, double image super-imposing coupled rangefinder
. With Diopter adjustment.
Flash Synchronization: PC socket.

Self-timer: Built-in, lever type with trigger above.
Film Loading: Removable back/bottom (one piece)! special cut leader to be fed into removable take up spool (don't lose the spool, it falls out!)
Film Winding: Winding knob.
Size: 140mm W x 80mm H x 75mm W
Weight: 588 grams

Bondi Junction!