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Manufactured in 1971.
This model is the from the second generation of Canon's popular Canonet 28 range. It is lighter than the other canonet cameras probably because of the lack of features and smaller lens glass.Its automatic exposure only, no manual shutter speed setting available (there are aperture settings for use with flash only at 1/30!!)

Fun with this camera.
Just needed a clean and a light seal replacement, then it was good to go.

Camera Specs.
40mm f2.8, 4 element in 3 component construction.
Automatic program only.
Exposure meter:
Highly sensitive CdS exposure meter. Powered by mercury battery. (which are unavailable now I use alkaline 1.5v)
EE mechanism: (EE meaning Electronic Eye exposure meter) Program shutter exposure only.
Film speed index:
ASA 25 - 400.
Bright viewfinder, Double image superimposing system, coupled rangefinder. Marked with parallax correction marks.
Flash Synchronization:
Hot shoe.
Self timer:
Film Loading:
Standard slotted take-up spool.
Film Winding:
Single operation 120 degree winding lever type. Built-in film transport indicator.
120.5mm x 75mm x 61mm.
540 grams.

Taxi stand at bondi junction!